Graphic Design News: June 29–July 12

Here’s some graphic design news you may have missed:

New Internship Involves Design Work on the Farm

If you thought your job was challenging, you may want to reconsider. A new internship from design firm Neltner Small Batch combines part-time farm work with part-time design work. Known as the Plowshare program, the internship allows students to contribute to the firm’s branding work while learning to appreciate the difficulties of maintaining the land.

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Principal Keith Neltner, who grew up on Neltner’s Farm,  learned a lot from plowing potatoes by hand with his father. Now, the Plowship program seeks to instill those same lessons with other budding creatives. Here’s how the internship is explained on the Neltner Small Batch website:

The land nourishes the body and also serves as an incredible visual influence and experience. This is something we’ve decided to share with young creative folks. That’s the idea behind our Plowshare Internship. … Our high standard of creative work is much like the high standard of growing and sharing food with the surrounding communities.

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The lessons Neltner learned on the farm also helped to inspire some of Neltner Small Batch’s latest work: a cover design for Cincinnati folk band The Tillers‘ first album on the Muddy Roots label, “Hand on the Plow.” For more information, check out the newly relaunched Neltner Small Batch website.

The Beauty of Letterpress Releases Fourth Edition

The fourth issue of The Beauty of Letterpress is now available for purchase on The Beauty of Letterpress website. The prints are produced by Neenah Paper and are used as a fundraising method to support the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

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Each issue is designed by someone different. The fourth issue features a design by illustrator Mikey Burton. Here’s what he had to say about the print:

This is just a silly piece that came out of my brain about letterpress. Sometimes people get a little stuffy about this 600-year old process, and just forget to have fun. I always feel lucky to get away from the computer to play around on these antique machines. Roll up your sleeves, brayer out some ink and hang loose!

The museum is relocating and needs to raise enough funds to get everything from point a to point b. In an effort to help save the museum, Neenah Paper has offered to match $15,000 of the donations made to the cause. The Beauty of Letterpress is one way to reach the monetary goal, and for each $5 print sold, Neenah donates $10 to Hamilton.

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New Vintage Typography App from mpressInteractive

If you loved the LetterMpress app from mpressInteractive, you will likely be psyched to meet its vintage cousin, SimplyMpress for iPad, iPod and iPhone. Perfect for on-the-go users that want to create classy, old-school designs and typographic treatments,

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SimplyMpress gives creatives the ability to craft and print everything from logos and invitations to T-shirt designs. The app is free to download. If you want more information on all the different things you can do using the app, watch the video below.

Neenah Paper Brings Gruppo Cordenons to U.S., Canada

Neenah Paper announced an exclusive partnership with Gruppo Cordenons on July 2. The new agreement allows Neenah to market and distribute the Italian company’s fine papers in the U.S. and Canada. While the papers will still be produced in Gruppo Cordenons’ two paper mills in Italy, Neenah distributors begin carrying the products on September 3.

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Neenah Paper’s president of fine paper Julie Schertell expressed enthusiasm over the new arrangement by saying:

Neenah has an unwavering commitment to providing designers with unique product options to set their work apart. Cordenons papers are known for their exemplary quality, thick and heavy cover weights, and artisanal color palettes. Brands like Stardream, Plike, and Canaletto are specified by designers for projects that require a unique and premium image.  This collection is a natural complement  to our existing portfolio of fine papers.

Cordenons papers are used in everything from business and greeting cards to shopping bafs and display boxes. To find out more about specific papers and product lines, visit the Gruppo Cordenons website.


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