Graphic Design Resources Collection Inspired By HOW Design Live

This month’s Ultimate Collection was inspired by our HOW Design Live Event, taking place on June 22-25 in Boston. All of this resource material is brought to you by the same professionals and experts who bring you HOW Live: Debbie Millman, Sam Harrison, Ilise Benun, Peleg Top, Andrew Gibbs, Andy Epstein, David Sherwin, Patrick McNeil and more! If you can’t make it the conference, this is the perfect way to get a small taste of the event. If you’ll be there, you can use this collection to relive the conference again and again, and share it with your team members!

HOW Design Live Resources Collection for Designers

Included in this amazing collection:

  • Idea Selling by Sam Harrison: In Idea Selling, Sam Harrison will give you powerful techniques to help sell your ideas to those with approval power. You’ll find advice and tips from designers, writers, marketers and selling and branding gurus. In no time, you’ll be able to convince those who hold the purse strings that your ideas are worth pursuing and investing in!
  • Designer’s Guide to Marketing & Pricing by Ilise Benun & Peleg Top: The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing answers all of the common questions asked by creatives every day. This nuts and bolts guide to running a creative services business teaches you how to create a smart marketing plan–along with small actionable steps to take to reach your financial goals. From learning which marketing tools are most effective and how to use them to discovering how to establish contact with potential clients, this book is the must-have guide for navigating the murky waters of the design business.
  • The Corporate Creative by Andy Epstein: Surviving and more importantly succeeding in a corporate world requires you to be a project manager as well as a designer as well as a creative. This book provides key strategies and tactics to help you establish yourself and your team as powerful players in your company.
  • Box, Bottle, Bag by Andrew Gibbs This inspirational and highly visual book showcases examples of the best of the best from the website, plus never-before-seen projects from top packaging designers from around the world. Projects are shown in greater detail than on the website with insightful commentary from the designers. This is an excellent reference for both professional designers and students, or anyone interested in the process of how those enticing packages are developed for the products we buy.
  • Creative Workshop by David Sherwin Packed with 80 unique creative thinking exercises that cover all kinds of media and time ranges (we know how rare free time can be), this book can help give your brain the creative workout it needs to stay sharp.
  • The Designer’s Web Handbook by Patrick McNeil You know how to design. But you can increase your value as a designer in the marketplace by learning how to make that design function on the web. From informational sites to e-commerce portals to blogs to mobile apps, The Designer’s Web Handbook helps any designer understand the full life cycle of a digital product: idea, design, production and maintenance.
  • Look Both Ways by Debbie Millman Look Both Ways is a collection of fully illustrated essays on the intersection of graphic design, love, life, behavior, rituals, brands, perceptions, music, art, even physics. It is a broad compendium of living and thinking in today’s world of design by one of its most popular personalities.
  • Caffeine for the Creative Team by Stefan Mumaw Go to your next brainstorming meeting armed with a powerful tool to get your team thinking in new ways. These fun and inspiring exercises call on everyone your the group to think differently, leading to fresh insights. With over 150 exercises as well as interviews with working designers, Caffeine for the Creative Team is your key to adding some innovation to your next team meeting.
  • Creative Stuff by Dave Gouveia & Chris Elkerton Exercise your imagination through interactive games and challenges, sharpen your brainpower with puzzles and brain teasers, and find inspiration when you need it most! This workbook will jumpstart creativity and brainstorming for visual thinkers—you know who you are! Every page will stimulate the senses and get those creative juices flowing fast and furious.
  • Damn Good by Jason Adam and Tim Lapetino Brimming with inspiration, Damn Good highlights the favorite work of designers around the globe, showcasing their best, most passionate projects. You’ll see a bold range of design work, spanning 35 countries and multiple disciplines, including print design, logo design, identity design, package design, interactive design, and more.
  • Using Facebook to Take Your Business to the Next Level OnDemand DesignCast with Willo O’Brien In this DesignCast, Willo O’Brien discusses how to leverage the popularity of Facebook to engage with existing clients and customers, and reach new audiences who can help your bottom line. Learn how to measure your effectiveness, and develop content that will deepen your relationships and expand your base. Freaked out by the new timeline? Get ahead of the changes and use them to your advantage.
  • Twitter for Creative Entrepreneurs OnDemand DesignCast with Willo O’Brien Harness the power of Twitter and its more than 500 million users to market your business. In this 60 minute OnDemand DesignCast, social media expert Willo O’Brien takes you through ways to use Twitter to connect and engage with fans, and new and existing clients and customers.
  • HOW 2011 Annual CD Get the entire 2011 year’s worth of inspiration & ideas from the leading business and creativity magazine for graphic designers. Conveniently packaged on a single CD, you have every issue from 2011 available at your fingertips.

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