Graphic Design Salary Infographic

How does your paycheck stack up to other graphic design salaries? Take a look at our graphic design salary infographic to find out.


Design Job & Career Salaries Infographic

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  3. Curtis

    There is no Art Director in America masking $95,500 annually, unless of course he is married to the woman whose father owns Mercedes Benz, and he happens to work at the ad agency.

  4. billy

    Do you really want to say these numbers are too high? If anything you should be saying these numbers are too low. Hiring managers and decision makers look at these surveys and decide what they can get away with pay. Every time I see one of these surveys I think the numbers are low and the people putting the surveys together are doing everybody a huge disservice. The only people that submit their information are the bottom of the barrel, that don’t make any money and call themselves “graphics artists”. Complete amateurs.

  5. Jonathan Lackey

    I agree with Curtis, these numbers seem a bit off—on the high side.

    And to Paige’s comment, yes, a freelancer at $50/hr 40 hours a week would produce close to those yearly salaries, but that does not include taxes or any expenses making the numbers very incorrect.

    I run a small web design studio and employee a senior designer, 2 junior designers and a junior developer.

  6. Antionette Carroll

    I am actually not surprised that these are the representative salaries of the industry. Have any of you guys actually took into consideration that maybe you are being paid too little? Plus, when you take into account geographic location, type of agency/firm, prestige of organization and TALENT/FAME of designer, these prices don’t seem too high at all. Believe me, $95,000 or $118,000 in New York or California is probably not that big of a deal.

    1. Megan Patrick Post author

      Antoinette is correct. These numbers are an aggregate. Geographic location plays a huge role in salary. We’ll have a complete, new salary survey report in the November issue that will break it down by region, years of experience, etc. But it’s always nice to be able to look at a snapshot and see how you compare. Thanks for all the feedback!

  7. Allen

    I agree, numbers are inflated, however geography does play a big role, as does the people that volunteer information. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has more accurate records (I believe these are taken off of actual tax records):

    The above link is my nearest Metro City Area (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL). Here, the AVERAGE graphic designer salary listed here is lower than listed in the infographic. If I had the time or inclination, I would check out how California and New York stack up comparatively.

    Maybe another poster would be interested in checking this out?

  8. Chad

    I appreciate the effort here from HOW’s editors, but $4 bucks to download their report? Sure, thats super cheap, but it feels like HOW trying to nickel and dime its readership. They’ve gone from a position of strategic leader to a greasy salesman with their ‘my design shop’. What a turn off.

    I’ll be sticking with the salary guide from The Creative Group: