Graphic Experiment

Illustrator/writer Daniel Clowe’s, author of the acclaimed Ghost World, has just released a new graphic novel called Wilson in which he confines the story to single page vignettes all drawn in different styles. I just put it on my Amazon Wish List, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be hitting the buy button soon. You can download of PDF of the 3 pages to really get a sense of the book from publisher Drawn and Quarterly.

Clowes (Ghost World) takes his particular brand of misanthropic
misery to new levels of brilliance in this book, a series of one-page
gags that show the divorced and lonely main character repeatedly
attempting to engage with life, and then falling back into his hell of
pessimism. Clowes uses a variety of drawing styles to depict Wilson and
his world; sometimes he’s highly realistic, other times he’s an Andy
Capp–style cartoon, but he’s always the same downbeat guy.

Posted by Megan