Shirt Design Inspiration from Everyday Objects

These “graphic” shirt designs may be a bit too much to handle on a Friday, but you still need to check out these limited edition shirts to see how one graphic designer found some inspiration in everyday items. The newest designs from Someshirt lets you wear your love of your computer on your sleeve. And they remind us that design can have a little fun with itself. Check out the smirk that guy is sporting and tell me he isn’t in on something we don’t know. The Type tools shirt design inspiration comes from a computer keyboard.

Type tools

Type tools

But I’ll warn you PC-users out there, this is clearly a mac keyboard, I mean, the guy is even holding a mac.

Someshirt is a project by graphic designer Gijs Sierman who creates the designs from “everyday surroundings.” Sierman finds inspiration in ordinary objects. Someshirts,  releases a new design a few times a year, and each design is limited to only 60 of each shirt. They explain the inspiration for Type tool on their website:

While speech has always been the main form of contact between humans, the role of the hand is by no means insignificant. The desire to find a less fleeting form of communication that resulted in the invention of writing, gave the hands a more prominent position, as the necessary tools needed their careful manipulation. Through various phases of technical refinements – charcoal, pen and ink, typewriter, and the currently omnipresent keyboard connected computer – mechanical writing has reached unprecedented levels of diffusion.


Pelican spines collection

Pelican spines collection

Some of the other designs included the blue Penguin pocketbooks (this screams to the book nerd in me), queue numbers and Paris underground tickets.

Even if you’re not sure if you can rock these shirts, they show that design can poke a bit of fun and find inspiration in the common.









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