Gratisography: Free, Hi Res Photography

For many designers, your company is entering the end of the fiscal year. You might be wrapping up some interesting projects or even creating some exciting holiday cards. But, it might also mean that the budget for things such as stock photography is getting tighter. Oh, let’s be real, that budget may have been pretty meager, and it’s hard to find good, free hi res photography. Designer Ryan McGuire of Bells Design recognized this need and wanted to give back to the design community by offering up images he takes — for free.

You can download free, high-res photos for commercial or personal work from McGuire’s new site Gratisography. The only catch: McGuire hopes it will inspire you to give away some of your skills to develop and support the design community. Here are a few samples:

Gratisography 2 Gratisography 4
This self-taught designer was inspired to create this site because he frequently uses many free resources created by others and feels that these “have been invaluable to helping me develop my skills.” McGuire explains:

Photography has been a longtime passion of mine, but it’s not my primary business focus. Providing my images to the design community for free is my way of saying thank you to all the individuals and companies that donate their skills and resources on a regular basis.

Gratisography 1 Gratisography 3


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