Hand Lettering, Spew Bags & Puns

Have you ever seen hand lettering so beautiful that it made you want to puke? Well, the creator of the “Spew Bag Challenge” site has you covered. Each of these images are hand-drawn with pencils, Sharpies and various other pens and writing instruments (which the illustrator places next to the image).

Drawn on airline vomit bags, each bag features a funny pun, usually focused on pop culture or phrases. What makes it fun, too, is that each bag is signed “Mrs. Heaves.” Oh, it’s so pun-tastic, it’s great.

halley'svomit landoftherisinglunch mileyhighclub mynameishurl pukenukem queasy like sundaymorning

 On the “Halley’s Vomit” bag, Mrs. Heaves has put out a plea: “I’m running out of puns & have to fly again in 24 hrs! Help pls xo.” This request and the sheer fun of this challenge – what a great way to spend time on a long flight- has me thinking about other phrases to send to “Mrs. Heaves.” And, I want to see more. What phrases are you tossing around? Check out more of these hurl bags and keep track of the project at SpewBagChallenge. (All photos are from this site.)


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