Headgear Gets a Makeover

On a staff of all women, you might be surprised that the HOW team includes three die-hard football fans (two in fantasy football/pick’em leagues and one with season tix to the hometown Cincinnati Bengals). So this particular NFL watcher loved today’s post on the FastCompany design blog, where designer Ken Carbone flags several NFL teams for awful logo designs.

We were glad that Ken (who, it should be noted, will be a speaker at next year’s HOW Design Conference), gave thumbs-up to our Bengals helmets:

“The absolutely best team helmet belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals. The
tiger stripe pattern embraces the whole spherical form. There is
nothing else like it in the NFL. It looks fierce from any angle and
boldly breaks from tradition.”

Among several teams that Carbone takes issue with are the Washington Redskins (frankly, the team itself could use a makeover). Carbone proposes a new look for the beleaguered ‘Skins. (Old and Carbone’s redesigned versions below.)


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  1. Jay

    Washington needs to change their name, anything short of will only continue to perpetuate ignorance.

    In similar fashion to the Bengals, the Vikings helmet design works as well.