Hip to be Square

Over my Sunday morning coffee, I spotted the New York Times’ review of the new Nissan Cube (a competitor to the Scion xB), and then saw Core77’s post about it this morning. I’m digging the boxy shape, the cool wraparound rear window and the accessory-packed interior. (Lord knows, it must have better cupholders than the industrial-design disasters in my otherwise-beloved Jetta wagon.) More on the 2009 model on the official Cube website.

Posted by Bryn

0 thoughts on “Hip to be Square

  1. Andrew Breese

    I don’t get why a square car concept is cool or desirable. Do they stack like chairs / cubes?

    That window is pretty interesting, so kudos for that; and the interior is clean. Might make doing private detective work easier; as you can pan your camera around without the car getting in the way. Voyeur’s delight.