HK Becomes Kick

Minneapolis-based design agency HartungKemp has rebranded the 10-year-old firm: Ideas that Kick.

“The name works on multiple levels,” said Stefan Hartung, executive creative director at Kick. “We’ve won consumer mindshare and retail shelf space for our clients and, as a result, markedly improved their bottom lines. Over the past 10 years, we’ve developed a reputation for successfully developing ideas that have impact — ideas that kick. Now our name truly reflects who we are and what we do.”

Mary Kemp, president and brand strategist at Kick, added that the new name also reflects the agency’s evolution and expansion over the past 10 years. “Today, we design products, we design packaging, we design brand experiences in the real world and online. We also create brands from scratch. We do it all with the purpose of engaging consumers and growing businesses. On top of that, licensing our own brands is creating new revenue streams for our business. We’re excited about where we’re going.”

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