HOW 2011 Gift Guide: Color

Nothing brightens up a dreary winter day quite like a little color. Here are some of my favorite colorful gifts for the holidays.

Pantone ornaments

What designer wouldn’t want their favorite Pantone color hanging from their Christmas tree? I may just buy a few extra of these and hang them in my office year-round.

Double Rainbow Maker

Double Rainbow! All the way across… your room! This gift would really brighten up an office on gloomy winter days, especially if you listen to this as you’re making double rainbows.

Color Inspirations

Not only does this book have thousands (THOUSANDS!) of color palettes that you can reference to inspire your designs, it also comes with a handy disk that allows you to quickly upload individual palettes into your design files.

Mustache Mugs

Give your friends the full spectrum of facial hair with these adorable mustached coffee mugs.

Color-Changing Umbrella

Raindrops bring out the color in this nifty umbrella. It’s almost enough to make you look forward to a rainy day.

Find more color goodies from HOW.

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