HOW 2011 Gift Guide: Humor

Designers are known for having a good sense of humor and some geeky obsessions that make for good laughs. This first, in a series of seven, gift guides looks at the lighter side of design to help you find the perfect holiday gift for designer friends, family and coworkers.

Undo Necklace

Ever wish you could just Command-Z that email you sent you art director telling her what you really think about her feedback? This necklace is for you.

Stop Fonting Around Poster
You know you’re guilty of going through every single font on your system for hours looking for just the perfect one. Maybe you should have started with a concept.

Make the Logo Smaller T-Shirt

We dare you to wear this to your next client meeting.

Type Nerd Tattoo

Be sure to freak your mom out when you go home for Christmas with this very realistic temporary tattoo that will confuse her further by declaring your undying love for type. When are you going to bring home a nice girl, already?!

Book of Rules

And finally, don’t forget your annoying office-mates this season. The Book of Rules explains all the niceties of modern life with helpful diagrams and illustrations for the socially clueless.

Find more humor goodies from HOW.

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