HOW, Print Design Business Cards for EPIC

If you haven’t heard of The Luxe Project, it’s time to check it out. MOO began the initiative to connect creatives and great causes by encouraging industry professionals and firms like Sagmeister & Walsh and Kid Yeah! to submit designs for business cards. The cards are featured for a month, and during that time, 100% of the profits would go to whichever charity the designer chooses.; business card design

Moo-Print1, business card design


Business Card Design that Matters

This month, HOW and Print magazines submitted designs to benefit EPIC, a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to inspiring social change by helping other local nonprofits find advertising and design professionals who will volunteer to do pro-bono design work for the nonprofit’s cause. The HOW cards are based on the theme HOW Clever, and each card features a fun saying like “How you like me now?” or “How may I help you?” Print’s cards fall under the Letter Love theme and include red, white and black letters. This ode to typography is available in the whole alphabet or just a few letters such as your initials or a favorite word.


The cards launched June 12 and are available for purchase from The Luxe Project. To benefit EPIC, all purchases must be made by July 12.

Have you created a logo that would put all these designs to shame? If so, we want to see it! Submit it to the HOW Logo Design Awards by July 1.