HOW Conference Party Theme

One of the top questions posed on the HOW Conference Forum every year is: What’s the theme of the closing party? Over the years, we’ve hosted parties that have given folks a fun reason to get dressed up, from “Come as You Aren’t” (I went as a Jersey girl) to the Typographer’s Ball (my Blog co-author Megan went as SuperScript).

The closing party is always a blast; my two all-time faves were in Atlanta in 1999 (from what I can remember) and in San Diego, where everyone wore all-white and we handed out blue glow-lights to create a very cool scene.

… drumroll please …

This year’s theme is: Whitespace — a nod to that San Diego bash. Start planning your all-white outfit now, and get inspired by a few snapshots I found in our archives from that 2004 party. (Girls, please plan to rock those white wigs again.)

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  1. Heather

    This is my first conference and I’m super psyched! Please excuse this dumb newbie question, but is the closing party the same as the Tuesday Evening Reception? I’d hate to show up in all my bright white revelry gear for a business casual affair…