Designer Shares Her HOW Design Live Experience

Designer Katie Raymon works at Iowa State University’s College of Business in Ames, IA, and she’s a three-time HOW Conference veteran. She presented a fantastic recap of her HOW Design Live experience to her co-workers, and she’s graciously agreed to let me share her presentation here.

Every month we have a meeting for all campus designers to attend and at this past one, I was able to give a presentation on HOW. I was the only one from Iowa State University that was able to attend so everyone was very excited to hear about my experience. They were very impressed with what the conference had to offer and the different sessions and speakers. A few mentioned that they were going to see what they could do to get to Boston in 2012. I’m hoping Iowa State has great representation at next year’s HOW!

In addition to writing a HOW conference review on her website, Katie developed a killer PDF document that includes her favorite quotes from the events, a handful of photos and, most important, her handwritten notes from the conference sessions. See Katie Raymon’s full recap of HOW Design Live here!

Katie also gave her colleagues some swag she scored from HOW Design Live sponsor JakPrints, and she shared other goodies she picked up in the conference Resource Center.

The swag came from JakPrints because of a tweet I sent. I mentioned that I loved their rulers that were in the design packs so, they sent me an email thanking me for the tweet and offered to send more. They sent me enough to share with all my colleagues! I also brought along some other swag I received from the Resource Center from other vendors for everyone to check out.