HOW Design Conference Planning Sneak Peek

The planning process for the 2013 HOW Design Live events began as soon as we got back to the office from Boston this June. Weeks of research and brainstorming was distilled into lists of speakers and topics that were then transfered onto color coded pieces of paper and hung around the walls of the largest conference room at HOW HQ. The yellow section covers the Creative Freelancer Conference, while the bright green is the InHOWse Managers Conference. The rest of the rainbow is devoted to all the subject areas covered at the HOW Design Conference, everything from creativity to business to careers.

We post all the ideas that made through it an earlier meeting and start to put the program together like a giant puzzle. The idea is to make sure we’re hitting all the high points of the HOW experience to help designers refresh, renew and reconnect. Of course, we always have at least twice as many good ideas as we have slots in the program so as the day wears on, the pages are pulled from the walls and each subject area shrinks to include only the best of the best sessions.

In the weeks to come, we’ll start extending formal invitations to the speakers, but the program will continue to morph and grow until we have everything confirmed and ready to reveal to you at If you want to be the first to know when the program is announced, sign up for the HDL Newsletter.

HOW Design Live planning

HOW Design Live planning

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