HOW Design Live: The Video

“Get yourself totally overwhelmed by 3,000 people. There’s nothing like it!” — Dyana Valentine

“The opportunity you get when you attend a conference like the HOW Conference is endless. Most important, you get to connect to a community.” — Justin Ahrens

“It’s so intense over those 2 or 3 days, your brain is rewriting those little neuropathways so quickly. You come out of this thing with half a year or a year’s worth of inspiration.” — Jason Adam

“Inspiration isn’t work.” — James Victore

Here’s a great video recap from this year’s HOW Design Live, and it’s full of words of creative inspiration and wisdom you can use today!



0 thoughts on “HOW Design Live: The Video

  1. Christina

    Yikes. Not a fan of this video. When exactly did we mountain bike through the desert or ride horses at dusk during HOW 2011 in downtown Chicago?