HOW Design Live: What’s Now, What’s Next

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HOW Design Live in 2018 marks the 28th time that design professionals have gathered under the HOW umbrella. For 28 years, the event has been leading the design field in new directions and leading creatives toward successful careers.

Thanks to our deep connections in the industry, our network of speakers, our coalition of HOW Champions and the passion of past attendees, we’re able to scope out new trends, forward-looking strategies and fresh ideas—and to bring them to you, so you’re inspired and energized in your career. We’re leading the way, so you can seize the opportunities you want.

We’re pleased to announce that registration is now open for HOW Design Live, featuring The Dieline Conference—and with our all-new event for marketers, HOW Marketing Live. It’s all happening in Boston’s Hynes Convention Center, from April 30 to May 3.

We know that design—that your job—is changing. Becoming more multidisciplinary. More deeply rooted in business. More strategic. More exciting. We know that personal connections are more valuable in this business than ever. We know designers can never stop learning, growing, challenging themselves.

So what can you expect from HOW Design Live in 2018?

HOW Design Live

A continued emphasis on packaging design. As consumer buying patterns change, brands large and small recognize that packaging is an essential part of the customer experience. Packaging remains an area with huge career and creative potential.

As always, an incredible lineup of speakers—keynote presenters from design and beyond who will inspire you to think in new ways, and session speakers dedicated to teaching you what they know.

HOW Design Live

A renewed focus on how-to sessions. You’ve told us that you want more practical lessons that you can put to direct use in your work. We’ve got you covered.

A brand-new event: HOW Marketing Live. This two-day event running side-by-side with HOW Design Live is especially for marketers and designers who collaborate in a cross-functional way. This, folks, is where design is going—and you’ll want to tap into this opportunity to learn and grow in your career.

What makes HOW Design Live unique, though, is the people. It gathers a never-before-and-never-again collection of speakers and attendees from across all creative disciplines. You never know who you’ll meet at HOW Design Live—someone who may change your mind or your life.

Ready for what’s next? We’ll help you get there. Browse the emerging lineup of speakers (and stay tuned as we announce a constant stream of new additions). Learn more about the reasons you should attend HOW Design Live in 2018. Meet the HOW Community. And register by November 30 for the absolute best price.