HOW Design Live: See Who’s Attending

Hard to believe, but today launches the 30-DAY COUNTDOWN to HOW Design Live — and if you’re like us, you have a paper chain at your desk and you’re eagerly removing one link at a time as we make final plans for Boston.

Excited? That hardly describes that atmosphere around HOW HQ. And I’m just as geeked to be attending the Creative Freelancer Conference.

If you’ve been to a HOW event before, you know it’s a bit like summer camp: You connect with a bunch of new friends, stay in touch over the year, and then meet up again in person. I’m especially looking forward to seeing my HOW Conference buddies from years past — and also to meeting new people.

For those who tend toward the introverted side (and I include myself in that group), it can be a little overwhelming to be among thousands of energetic and interesting creative people. But I’ve learned over the many years I’ve attended HOW events that if I put myself out there — introduce myself, accept invitations to go grab lunch or dinner, get out of my shell a little bit — then I’m rewarded with tons of great connections.

Want to get started on making those connections THIS WEEK? Then check out the list of who’s attending HOW Design Live. Find people from your area, or designers who work in the same industry or have other common touch points with you. Scroll through the guest list, and you’ll find creatives from universities, nonprofits, corporations, manufacturers. You’ll find designers who work solo, in house or for firms small and large. Make a list of people you want to meet.

Of course, you’ll miss out on all the fantastic opportunities at HOW Design Live for connecting with your creative peers if you haven’t registered. And you still have 30 days to do so. Actually, we recommend jumping on that soon, as some sessions and extras like the Studio Tours will fill up in advance.

Haven’t signed up yet? Register now for HOW Design Live, and start counting down the days!