HOW Design Live: Convince Your Boss

A very good friend of mine, who heads the marketing team at a major consumer electronics brand, asked me about the HOW Conference, wondering if it was the right opportunity for several designers in his group. They hadn’t asked to go, but he was looking for professional development programs for his colleagues. How great that a manager is so forward-thinking about his team’s personal and professional growth. If you work for someone like that, as I do, you know we’re fortunate.

If you don’t work for someone like that, then  you have to wrangle every opportunity to grow your skills. Whether you’re making a case to attend one of the HOW Design Live events this June or any other training course or design industry event, then you need business-savvy ammo. We’ve put together a list of talking points that you can use to convince your manager that allocating resources for you to attend makes smart business sense. Here are a few points; read the full Convince Your Boss list.

I’ll find new vendors and resources. The HOW Resource Center is packed with innovative suppliers of printing, paper, stock imagery, software and other tools of the design trade—all with the potential for better pricing, better results or both.

I can share what I learn with officemates after the Conference. Combining my own notes and ideas with the session handouts provided by HOW, I’ll have plenty of inspiration and information to share when I return. And for an additional $99 total fee, we can order audio MP3s of most sessions (available 30 days post-Conference).

As we get closer to HOW Design Live, we’ll be posting examples of how designers have brought their conference experience back to the office and presented what they learned to their colleagues. And if you need any more help making a case to attend, there’s price: The BIG TICKET offers a cost-effective way to access all 4 HOW Design Live events—the BIG TICKET and individual conference registrations are available at an Early Bird discount now through April 1. That deadline is less than 2 weeks away, so get movin’!