HOW Design Live: Making Time

HOW Design Live is less than a month away, and I’m staring down the lengthy to-do list that stands between me and Boston. Sometimes I wonder, “Can I really make time for this event?”

And then I think, “How can I not?”

Carving out the time to be away from the office is a big deal—in many ways, it’s a bigger issue than expense. But it’s an issue that HOW truly understands, because everyone connected to the event is one-thousand-percent committed to making it absolutely worth your time. That’s why there are so many sessions packed into the program, so you can pick and choose exactly what information and inspiration you need. That’s why the main HOW Design Conference runs over a weekend, to minimize your out-of-pocket time. And it’s why we’ve programmed sessions that will help you make the most of your at-work time—sessions that will teach you how to be more productive and more efficient, like these:

  • Balancing Your Freelance Workload with Willo O’Brien
  • Getting Unstuck: Finding the Flow in Workflow with Kelly GOto
  • The Visual Brief with Joseph Duffy
  • Process as Competitive Advantage with Alina Wheeler

And those are just from the HOW Design Conference program; the other three concurrent events are built specifically to help you harness your creativity, knowledge and time.

Time is like money: Sometimes ya gotta spend it to make it.

The good news is, there’s still time to register. Sign up for HOW Design Live this week, while you have a free minute.

photo by zoutedrop, used under Creative Commons license