HOW Design Live News: 2011 Poster

For the past 5 years, we’ve worked with a local design/print studio to create a commemorative poster for the HOW Conference. This year, our Chicago collaborators are Delicious Design League. Apropos of Chi-town’s carnivorous history, designers Jason Teegarden-Downs and Billy Baumann went with a sausage theme. All the better to capture the event’s, um, meaty content.

Delicious Design League will be selling a limited, screenprinted edition of the poster in the Resource Center during HOW Design Live. So be sure to stop by their booth to pick one up—it’ll be a swell addition to your office decor. (If you have the March issue of HOW on your bookshelf, you’ll find an offset-printed version bound into the magazine.)

I’ll definitely be purchasing a signed print to add to my collection of HOW posters!

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