HOW Design Live News: Download the App!

Get HOW Design Live at your fingertips! Personalize your conference experience with the new HOW Design Live iPhone app from Method Apps. Check out speakers, workshop schedules and even create your very own customized schedule with MyHOW. Looking for a way to connect with HOW Design Live attendees? Simply tap into the buzz via social conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. And when it’s time for dinner, make reservations using Open Table. It’s HOW Design Live right in the palm of your hand. And it’s FREE!

Download the HOW Design Live app and start planning and socializing now!


0 thoughts on “HOW Design Live News: Download the App!

  1. Josh

    Kind of disappointed in the app.

    1. Not universal and/or not an iPad version offered.

    2. Pretty clunky. For me to look at the sessions, and add it to myhow, i have to expand the item, scroll all the way to the bottom of it, then click the button to add it. When collapsed it looks like you should be able to click the box, but it doesn’t

    3. To get to myhow (if you are in any other section) you have to back out of it entirely to the main screen, then click myhow to get to your scheduleyou created

    4. in my schedule since a lot of sessions start at quarter hours etc, even though it puts them on the timeline, it would be nice to have the time printed with the info for quick reference.

    5. in general it really doesn’t seem that conducive to looking through all of the sessions. I will probably review them all online then add to my ical.