HOW Design Live News: Hotels

Registration for HOW Design Live, the four-event extravaganza happening in Chicago, June 23–27, is moving at a fast clip; we’re expecting a fantastic turnout. Which means you’ll have a couple thousand other creative pros just like you to pal around with … and it means rooms at the conference hotel are going quickly.

Hyatt Regency Chicago—headquarters for the Creative Freelancer Conference, the InHOWse Managers Conference, the Dieline Packaging Design Conference and the HOW Design Conference—is filling up fast.  Only a few rooms are available on select days.

Fear not! We’ve secured additional HOW hotel space at Hotel 71, just two blocks from the Hyatt. It’s a great-looking space, conveniently located right on East Wacker Drive.

Your very best option for reserving hotel space is to do so through the official HOW Design Live Hotel Reservation Service. This online booking function allows you to enter your desired dates and will let you know whether the Hyatt or Hotel 71 is your best option.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money, then we invite you to connect with other conference-goers on the HOW Design Live Facebook page—post a note there if you’re interested in finding a roommate.

Register today for HOW Design Live!