HOW Design Live: Workshops

Most of the breakout sessions at HOW Design Live run about 60 minutes, give or take. Some topics, though, beg for more time—time to allow the presenter to dig deeper and the participants to get hands-on experience with the subject. That’s what the HOW Design Live pre-conference workshops are all about.

Imagine if you will about 100 creative pros, armed with cameras, taking closeup shots of carpet patterns, water glasses and other everyday items around a hotel. They’re not weirdly obsessed documentarians, but rather participants in Jim Krause’s crazy-popular HOW Design Live photography workshop based on his Photo Idea Index book series. Get tips and photography inspiration from Jim Krause.

If you want to get in-depth information on InDesign; practice your photo skills by taking hundreds of shots; learn the secrets of project management to keep your work really and truly on-track; or find out how to design your next projects using a “traveling snake fold,” then pre-conference workshops are up your alley. Here’s a quick rundown of the HOW Design Live Workshop program (note that these sessions are 3-hours on Friday, June 24, and require an extra fee):

If your experience with folding techniques in your design work is limited to the six-panel brochure, then you need to Escape the Tri-Fold Funk. Let chief folding fanatic Trish Witkowski show you how to infuse dynamic life into your print projects. (See Trish demonstrate the paper-folding techniques featured in HOW’s latest issue.)

You’ve seen his top-notch illustration work; now learn from Von Glitschka how to create vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator, in his Vector Basic Training bootcamp.

Do you stumble and stammer when you’re pressed to give your “elevator speech” about who you are and what you do? You’ll find Dyana Valentine’s Pitch Perfect workshop a conversation-saver and business-generator.

The aforementioned Jim Krause will lead creatives around the hotel to snap and share their shots in Photographing People, Places and Things. Always fun!

Speaking of fun … we never quite know what to expect from Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield (authors of Caffeine for the Creative Team) when they sign on to lead a workshop. For all the creative play, there’s serious learning going on, and you’ll get some smart brainstorming strategies you can take back to your office.

With all the upgrades to design software, how do you keep up on the best, most efficient and productive ways to use those tools? Ann-Marie Concepcion will show you how in Hard-Core User Tips: InDesign.

Here’s a session that very may well pay for itself in your increased productivity: How to Launch a Project On Time & Under Budget. Daniel Schutzsmith is a project-management ninja, and he’ll share his secrets. Need we say more?

Read full descriptions of the HOW Design Live Workshop line-up, and register.