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I wanted to let everyone know that my dear friend, leader and mentor Bryn Mooth is leaving the HOW staff to pursue her passion of food writing. Don’t worry, you’ll still see plenty of Bryn around the blog, in the magazine and at the conference. Although we’re losing an editor, we’re gaining a super talented freelance writer and blogger!

In related news, I’ll be moving into the position of HOW editor and content director for the magazine, books, website, blog and events. I’m thrilled to take on this new challenge! I adore the HOW design community and I’m looking forward to my expanded role.

0 thoughts on “HOW News

  1. Scott Fuller

    Bryn, we’re going to miss you.

    I remember my 1st HOW Conference in 2007, and I saw you sitting on the floor, computer out, with the rest of us. It was great talking to you, and seeing the heart of HOW.

    Megan, I wish you all the best, and I’m sure you have the support of the entire creative community.

  2. Christopher Butler


    All of us at Newfangled were sad to hear that Bryn was leaving, but excited for her, too. We’ve really enjoyed working with her over the years, and now look forward to working with you. Congratulations on your new role!

    – Christopher Butler, Newfangled

  3. Sam Harrison

    Bryn gently broke the news to me several weeks ago, and I’ve been weeping uncontrollably ever since! And I know how much she means to you and the rest of the HOW staff — not to mention thousands of readers. She’s a great talent, a bright light and a true friend. But it’ll be great to watch her move into new areas (while still maintaining an association with HOW).

    And bravo that you’ll be moving into the editor role! Having worked with you on both magazine and book projects, I’ve long admired your talents and wit, so it’s good to know the magazine will go forward in the strong, capable hands of you and a truly outstanding team. CONGRATULATIONS!