HOW Seeks the Next Big Design Bloggers

Do you have a rockin’ design blog? We want to see it! Our Google Reader is getting a little empty, so we want to add some great new sites to our list. Nominate your design blog, and you might be picked as one of our 2012 HOW Design Ambassadors! It’s an awesome proposition for a couple reasons:

  • We’ll link to your blog from the HOW blog!
  • You’ll get a sweet badge to put on your blog saying that you’re a HOW Design Ambassador.
  • We’ll send you exclusive previews of our new books, magazine issues, videos and other content.
  • We’ll occasionally ask for your opinion to include in our articles on the HOW Blog and
  • And we’ll have other surprises for you throughout the year…

You can nominate your design blog (or someone else’s) for consideration by posting in the comments here, or by tweeting at us with the hashtag #DesignAmbassadors. Please send in your nominations by March 17. The editors of HOW will select an elite few to be our 2012 HOW Design Ambassadors and we’ll announce them here!

0 thoughts on “HOW Seeks the Next Big Design Bloggers

  1. JJ

    I’ve had this since 2005. And despite working as a senior creative all the while, have managed to update and groom a decent audience. My focus is design that is advertising-related but have covered such topics as flag design, arabic and western logos in Dubai, signpainting… etc. It’s actually a fairly diverse site.

    I would love to be considered as a design ambassador for/with HOW. I’d be willing to discuss how to make it a successful relationship for you too.


  2. Dennis Salvatier

    I’ve had the current version of my blog for over 2 years now. I decided to take my 13 years of creative experience and channel it into my design and illustration blog; with an emphasis on design life. What to do, what not to do, how to deal with clients, client horror stories, the different hats independent designers must wear and the importance of branding and what that can do for all business. It stays fun and light-hearted and always asks the readership to chime in and lend their two cents to topics. There are occasions I share works in progress or just some fun sketches and character designs.

    I welcome the opportunity to be a HOW ambassador. What a great honor it would be. Thank you!

  3. Brent Almond

    I birthed Designer Daddy on my son’s 1st birthday, initially motivated to have a place to talk about all the crappy (and some cool) product design for kids I’d come across. However, it has grown and evolved into much, much more: a place to discuss the sometimes tricky but always entertaining intersection of fatherhood and a design career, a showcase of the child- and education-related work I’ve done, a venue for interviewing and networking with other designer dads, and a de facto scrapbook of funny pictures of my kid, craft projects we’ve done together, and doodles inspired by all this parenting stuff. I also get up on my soapbox from time to time to trumpet causes both designery and daddy-y.

    I’ve really enjoyed this exercise in stretching my creative muscles in a more literary direction, and would love the opportunity to perhaps bring a more personal voice to the stable of HOW Design Ambassadors.

    Thanks much!

  4. Jen Lombardi

    Warning: Shameless self-promotion to follow (hey, Illise Benun taught me well!)

    I don’t blog as often as I’d like to (common problem, I’m sure), but when I do I try to include a good mix of design humor, helpful how-tos and must-buy design swag on my blog “Creative in Cleveland.”

    I stirred up quite a bit on controversy on my “I’m Mad As Hell…SPEC YOU” article last year about Domtar’s “contest” to create a new advertising campaign. And one of my posts about the lessons learned through self employment was picked up by the Marketing Mentor blog, too.

    So…whaddya say? Can I be a HOW Design Ambassador? (Pretty, pretty please?)

  5. Steve Wilson

    The guys at CINQ Partners would be honored to serve as HOW Ambassadors. Steve, Steph and Nikita are long-time “HOWies,” supporting HOW and our fellow designers through forums and conferences for years.

    The CINQ Partners blog, although new, is dedicated to informing both designer and client through easy-to-read and thoughtful commentary on design, business and inspiration. We have already blogged about successful publication design, spec work, and the varying role of the web designer.

    The guys at CINQ have been unofficial ambassadors of HOW Magazine and its wonderful staff for many years now and would give the same amount of devotion as “official” design ambassadors.

  6. Crystal Reynolds

    A fellow HOWie suggested I put forward my blog to you. Since attending HOWLive in Chicago last year I have been a HOW ambassador – sharing the message on how HOW has changed my creative passion. I have been interviewing HOW speakers as well as attendee’s about what they get out of HOW. Recently through Linked in a designer came across my blog and is now trying to pitch his boss to send him to HOW in Boston.

    If there is any reason to consider, it is because I am a self confessed HOW super fan.

  7. Judy Kalvin

    I’d like to nominate branding and design firm, CBX’s X and Why Blog,

    The creative minds at CBX are always offering a continuous stream of new and interesting perspectives on business, branding, design, packaging and visual trends. This blog would make a great addition to your 2012 HOW Design Ambassadors.

  8. Brandi Moody


    I started Ever So Lovely as a way to document everything that has inspired me, whether it was typography, invitation design, packaging, fashion design, photography and independent brands…you name it, it’s probably been featured on Ever So Lovely. I also interview artists and designers from around the world about their craft and what motivates and inspires their works along with showcasing some of my own work from time to time.

    Now going on it’s second year of blogging (WooHoo!) I’d be SUPER SUPER SUPER honored to be one of HOW’s 2012 Design Ambassadors! So HOW, please, please, please pick me! I’m ready to blog design all day, every day, even in my sleep! 🙂

    brandi m.

  9. Diego Guevara

    Hello! My name is Diego and I am here for some shameless self nomination.

    I created THEE BLOG back in 2009 with the purpose of sharing beautiful and inspiring work across different platforms and industries including design, illustration, animation, photography, branding, fashion and film. The blog is updated daily and combines a healthy dose of personal articles, interviews with influential and inspiring artists, portfolio and work features while maintaining a pleasantly simple aesthetic, stripping it from unnecessary ads or tutorials and focusing on the work.

    It would be an honor to become one of the 2012 HOW Design Ambassadors selected. And did I mention we bake some great brownies? 🙂

    Thanks and good luck to everyone here!

    Diego – THEE BLOG

    1. Web Design

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  11. Max Long

    Mr. Diego Guevara, Your Blog ROCKS. I have learned lot from your blog. I must admit it, the design and the inputs combination is more than perfect.(Web Design) I am a child in this way. But i have dream to build some good blogs, do some great work and make some example.