How To Become A Game Changer

A global survey of 500 C-suite executives by the international brand consultancy Wolff Olins has revealed that, although companies recognize the important factors required to generate long-term growth, many organizations are not investing resource and energies into those key activities. Among the top findings, the results revealed that 40% of executives surveyed felt that being useful to their customers was key to business growth, but only 22% admitted that they were successful at acting on this idea.

Wolff Olins identified 5 key characteristics associated with high-growth companies, which the consultancy calls “Game Changers,” who are successfully responding to rapid changes in consumer demand and technology-driven services. The survey was designed to determine whether other leading organizations recognize the importance of these characteristics and if and how they are adopting similar behaviors within their own companies.

Wolff Olins defines 5 behaviors of Game Changing companies as:
Purposeful: lead from within
Useful: help customers do things
Experimental: embrace change
Boundaryless: live without walls
Value-creative: change the game

An accompanying report provides examples of how 15 forward-thinking companies made their way onto the Game Changers list and what lessons they provide to other companies seeking ways to strategically move forward in the new economy. Several of these companies include Amazon, Paypal, Lego, Tesco, Grameen Bank, Nike, M-Pesa and others.

Wolff Olins Game Changers report