How to Get Published

If you’ve browsed the bookstore and seen design books like these …

… you may have wondered how designers like Maggie Macnab, Joshua Chen,  Jeff Fisher and Peleg Top managed to get their books published, or how you can get your work included in a design book like these.

Designer and veteran book author Peleg Top (his forthcoming “Designing for the Greater Good” joins his previous “Designers Guide to Marketing & Pricing” on shelves), is hosting a seminar to help designers get their work published. You’ll learn how to submit your work to book editors for consideration in their projects, and also how to pitch your book ideas to publishers.

The session is Thursday, November 5 from 7:00 to 8:30 at the studio of Lime Twig Group in South Pasadena, CA. More info and registration here.

Posted by Bryn