How To Hire

Designer Eric Karjaluoto offers his perspective on how to choose a new hire.

A good designer (or for that matter, any individual worth working with)
understands that talent only takes you so far. If you create effective,
on-target work, but forget to press “save,” it likely isn’t worth that
much. Designers aren’t artists. The latter explore—sometimes with
careless abandon. The former are involved in a less freewheeling
pursuit that requires professionalism and a proclivity for good

We receive a lot of resumes and online portfolios that are wildly
creative. Neither of those really impresses me. I’m more “wowed” by
those who think about the intention of the piece they create and craft
it accordingly. So, I like to get a resume that’s clear, well
organized, free of spelling errors, and illustrates a strong
understanding of the actual usage of this piece. From these sorts of
characteristics I tend to infer that the sender will also structure
files and folders well, document jobs clearly for developers, structure
their day appropriately, and a batch of other things.

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