HOW’s January Issue Has Arrived

The new January/February issue of HOW made its way into bookstores during the holidays, packed with tons of great work from both established designers working in corporate creative groups and from up-and-coming designers from around the globe. The issue features nearly 90 winners in our annual InHOWse Design Awards recognizing work created by designers in organizations, corporations and associations. Also, our team, led by Senior Editor Megan Lane Patrick, turned our spotlight on 17 young creatives making their marks in print and web design, animation, printing, advertising, illustration and photography. You’ve gotta see what these crazy kids are coming up with.

But the issue is more than just a pretty face; it includes practical advice for design pros of all experience levels on how to maintain a great-looking, effective portfolio in an article authored by Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio. As designer Adrian Shaughnessy comments in the story, “Your portfolio requires endless work, and few things are more important than it. this never changes, no matter how successful you’ve become.”

Check out the issue’s full table of contents, then look for it in your favorite bookstore (or, you know, in

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  1. Yury Rush

    Speaking of a great-looking, effective portfolio; what is the best way to keep a portfolio upto date with all the little things a designer makes from day to day?

    In this fast paced life we lead a graphic/web designer might make XX widgets per day all of which are worthy of being in a portfolio. What is the best way to keep up with it? And how would you select the “choice” items and which would you neglect?

    Is there a standard practice to help organize these efforts? (And not waste more time thinking about it?)