HOW/Tomsuey T-shirt Winners

In a very unscientific and unbiased manner (names on lined paper picked from an empty box), we picked the 3 T-shirt winners!

Thank you to everyone who contributed their twitter accolades or woes in the HOW/Tomsuey T-shirt giveaway (#HOWgiveaway).

Entrants either posted their response to “To Tweet or not to Tweet?” in the HOW Forum (click here) or on twitter (#HOWgiveaway). 

Here are the 3 winners and what they wrote:

From the HOW Forum
Smutek says, “The coolest thing about twitter, to me, is all of the awesome little
“twitter bird” illustrations that have spawned in the wake of its
creation. Twitters effect on the art of bird illustration will be felt for centuries.”

m@ says, “If I joined twitter to tweet, but no one heard it, would it really have happened? More importantly, would I still get 1 of these awesome T’s?”

From twitter #HOWgiveaway
@oneupart twote, “Definitely tweet—it’s creative corruption at its finest!”

Tomsuey Tees is
a new venture based out of NYC for the creative duo Tom McGhee (Photographer) and Sue McGhee (Designer).

Posted by Jessie