Human Type

Amandine Alessandra is a freelance photographer and graphic designer based in London. Much of her work deals with experimental typography that exists away from the page or the screen, like this project called Wearable Lettering:

The use of people’s body as a display medium in exchange for money has been a fairly common vision in the streets of London for almost two hundred years. One of the only work prospects for non-English speakers involves standing on a busy street while holding printed advertising at the end of a stick or wearing it on boards around their neck, a position known as human billboard).

Using the human body as a message display facility is a way of evading a tax on advertising by making it mobile, but also by using the humanity of the subject and its “freedom of speech” as a legal argument.

The flexibility of this casual form of communication, combined with the performative potential of togetherness, provided the right components to start thinking of a malleable letterform expressing an ephemeral message.

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