2012 Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant Recipients Announced

Ideas that Matter grant recipients and their projects have been wowing us for years (I’ll be telling you more about 4-time recipient Doug Hebert in the upcoming January 2013 issue of HOW’s Designing Change column). Sappi Fine Paper North America announced last week the the 13 grant recipients for its 13th annual Ideas that Matter Program, a grant program aimed at helping designers create and implement print projects for charitable causes.

Independent judges who are known for their forward-thinking commitment to design for social good made up a panel that selected the 13 recipients. I personally can’t wait to see the results of the below projects and hear their stories. Meet the designers below and hear a little bit about their projects that they’ll be bringing to life, with much help from Sappi.

Designer/Firm David Rager, David Rager Studio; Newport Beach, CA
Project Title Backyard Skills — creating skill set books, brochures and postcards to expand outreach for the program
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant The Ecology Center — educating communities and local households in Southern California on natural solutions to reduce the impact of environmental issues through workshops and programs.

Designers/Firm Esther Chak and Mary-Jo Valentino, Imaginary Office; Chicago
Project Title New Urban Arts Quinceañera — celebrating 15 years of community arts education in Providence, RI, through a commemorative publication
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant New Urban Arts — supporting emerging artists and high school students in Providence, RI, by offering a nationally recognized interdisciplinary studio with access to art supplies, mentors and educational programming

Designers/Firm Michael Osborne and Katy McCauley, Joey’s Corner; San Francisco
Project Title Wellspring Strategic Communication System — sharing the mission of Wellspring with a broader audience through identity design and collateral
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant Wellspring — addressing the need for supportive housing for adults with psychiatric illness across Kentucky

Designer/Firm Tim Ferguson Sauder, Return Design; Wenham, MA
Project Title LOOKLOOK — visual game cards and field guides teaching students ecological literacy and understanding
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant Kestrel Educational Adventures — connecting K-12 students with the natural world around them in Massachusetts through hands-on science education

Designers/Firm Robert Sedlack and Andrea Pellegrino, Sedlack Design Associates and Pellegrino Collaborative; South Bend, IN
Project Title together+ — combating xenophobia in South Africa by providing educational resources to empower people to embrace diversity
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant University of Notre Dame, Kgosi Neighborhood Foundation and Pellegrino Collaborative — advocating for understanding, unification,  and tolerance of groups in local communities facing discrimination in post-apartheid South Africa

Designer/Firm Kenneth Botts,  Visual Marketing Associates, Inc.; Dayton, OH
Project Title Hawthorn Hill: Home of the Wright Brothers’ Family — establishing a sustainable brand outreach strategy to secure the Wright Brothers’ legacy
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant The Wright Family Foundation of The Dayton Foundation — preserving the Wright Brothers’ story of inventing the first successful airplane through the  research and conservation of family’s personal artifacts and historic property

Designers/Firm Anna Rubbo, Megan Bullock, and Matthias Neumann, Global Studio, Center for Sustainable Urban Development,
Columbia University; New York City
Project Title People Building Better Cities: Participation and Inclusive Urbanization — a multi-lingual exhibition on the importance of community engagement in the design and planning of more livable cities
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant Global Studio — collaborating with students, academics, professionals, local government and NGOs to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities

Design Firm The IDEO.org team, IDEO.org; San Francisco
Project Title Spreading Human-Centered Design — sharing the first year of goals and human achievements in a year-one report
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant IDEO.org —  a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading human-centered design in the social sector

Designer/Firm Tony Ong, Fantagraphics Books; Seattle, WA
Project Title What to Read in the Rain — a book that will showcase the writings of 826 Seattle students
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant 826Seattle — mentoring talented young students and encouraging them to explore their imagination through creative writing

Designer/Firm Celia Poirier, University of Connecticut; North Windham, CT
Project Title Think Positive — a new identity for the Windham Harm Reduction Coalition
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant Windham Harm Reduction Coalition, Inc. — providing HIV prevention, drug overdose prevention, and drug treatment referral services to individuals and families in Connecticut’s Windham and Tolland counties

Designer/Firm Maria Moon, Designmatters at Art Center College of Design; Pasadena, CA
Project Title WHERE’S DARYL? — teaching students the reality and negative impacts of juvenile violence and guns
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant The Los Angeles School District — partnering with middle school health teachers across Los Angeles to teach anti-gun violence through fun and engaging curriculum tools

Designer/Firm Marc Moscato, The Dill Pickle Club; Portland, OR
Project Title Comics for Change — a series of ten comics telling stories of Oregonians working for social justice
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant The Dill Pickle Club — broadening knowledge of Portland’s past, present and future through tours, programs, and publications

Designers/Firm Douglas Barrett and Matt Leavell, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Birmingham, AL
Project Title Telling the Story of the Cahaba River — a visual storybook educating the Alabama public on the history and importance of the river
Nonprofit to Benefit from Ideas that Matter Grant Cahaba River Society — promoting climate solutions to restore and protect the Cahaba River and its rich freshwater wildlife and drinking water resources in Alabama

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