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Scott Francis, who recently edited an upcoming HOW book about freelance illustration, sat down with author/illustrator Holly DeWolf to talk about the business.

Q. Your book is targeted to illustrators, but you wear a lot
of hats—being a writer, for example. I think anyone who is creative
could take something away from your book. What’s your view on the
crossover between different creative occupations (for example, writing
and illustration)?

A. I truly believe that
creatives are good at many things. We usually have one or two major
talents and some hidden talents that do not always surface right away.
A job could require us to write something or create something in a
different manner. This discovery can be an asset. Use it!

It’s like being a Jack &
Jill of many skills but we are actually good at it. This flexibility is
good to have in our economic climate. Our many talents can add new life
to our career, fill in an income void and shake things up. In my book I
talk about tackling unconventional markets. There are many options to
your career if you need a change or more revenue. To me its like the
ripple effect-you may be a top notch illustrator but you could be a
whiz at words that could lead to children’s books or other hidden

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