Illustration Friday

Illustration blog Illustration Pages has a great interview with Penelope Dullaghan, the creator of Illustration Friday, an online participatory art exhibit for illustrators of all skill levels
where new topics are posted each Friday to challenge participants
creatively. The site includes artist interviews and creative forums
which also help to keep loyal visitors coming back week after week.

Illustration Friday was born when I first quit my day job as an
Art Director to be a full time freelance illustrator. My personal
portfolio at the time was very small and I needed more work to show,
specifically the kind of work that I wanted to attract more of. I
needed to create some sort of accountability and set schedule to
creating new work, so a weekly topic to interpret made sense. Then I
thought that other people might want to participate as well. So I put
out the word of my goal and found my partner, Brianna Privett of, and together we set our sights on creating Illustration Friday.

Posted by Megan