In A Perfect World

Catrina Dulay is a young, California-based designer and student. Her charming personal project “In a Perfect World” examines the less-than-perfect little things that can mess up an otherwise nice day.

Waking up at the wrong time because “PM” instead of “AM” was set up,
the page’s left edge rips because the perforations don’t tear cleanly,
the other sock in the pair goes missing, and so forth. These are all
normal happenings that exist in our imperfect day-to-day lives and this
series of simple illustrations points out what a perfect world would be
like without such disruptions. It’s an on-going project that I started
in order to “celebrate” our everyday nuisances. It can also be seen as
a means of discovering things that a lot of different people can relate
to and think, “Yes! I hate it when that happens!”

via OK Great

Posted by Megan