In-HOWse Success

Sarah and I are back from the In-HOWse Designer Conference in D.C. I’ve attended this event every year since we started it (4 years ago) and every time I’m surprised by how awesome it is. I think a lot of it has to do with the attendees who are there to focus on making their in-house teams better. They asked excellent questions for the speaker panel on the last day and I overheard tons of great ideas at the breakfast round tables.

Just to make sure everyone else thought the event was as a amazing as I did, I stopped by Twitter this morning and search for #IHConf. Here’s just a small sample of what I found:

Just back from #IHConf. I’m refreshed, inspired, and excited for the future!

So many new heroes, including Stanley Hainsworth @tether “Design is compromise. Design without compromise is called Art.”

Fab experience at the In-Howse Designer Conference in DC. So much goodness! Alas, it’s time to get my bags & head to the airport.

I am literally sitting at a table w/ the gentleman that made the #Ikea decision. Gotta respect him for owning it. 🙂

So ready to get back to work on Monday. Have a lot of great ideas to implement. Fun and practical!

What a great day. I’m full of inspiration and hope. Great presenters and promising conversations with good people.

(Me, Jeni Herberger and Sarah in a shot by Dyana Valentine)

Stay tuned for my full conference report.