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Spotted via Twitter this morning: Designer Alana Renfro captured her thoughts on paper while she was listening to info-design legend Nicholas Felton present a Master Class on the subject this week, then posted them on her Raw Ideas blog. (Which, by the way, we’re totally bookmarking.) From her post:

I missed the live Print Magazine and HOW DesignCast by Nicholas Felton this week, but I logged in late last night
and watched the brilliant hour long presentation by the country’s
preeminent information designer. From interesting insights on how the
Feltron Annual Reports evolved to active steps on how to create your
own data visualizations, Felton shares how more concentrated, engaging
detailed data leads to more interesting, trustworthy stories and
memorable narratives.

Catch Felton’s DesignCast if you missed it.

Posted by Bryn

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  1. Alana Renfro

    Hi, Bryn and HOW Readers! Thank you for the mention! The class is brilliant, as is Nicholas Felton, @feltron. I appreciate the link to my blog! Look for some interesting agency interviews to be posted this month, with tips from each agency on how to succeed, what they look for on your resume, what books they recommend, and most importantly what they had for breakfast. I love your resources; thanks HOW!