Infographic About HOW Design Live Attendees

Infographics are all the rage. And we love them because of the combination of color, design and typography – not to mention the fun presentation of information that’s sometimes hard to digest otherwise. Navitor, first-time sponsors of HOW Design Live, combined our enthusiasm for infographic design with another near and dear topic: HOW Design Live and you – the attendees. It’s interesting to see what attendees think about print and spend the majority of their days designing (i.e. check out the pie charts).

As relative HOW Design Live newbies, Navitor wanted to get involved with HOWies. As such, they set up a fully functional onsite workspace for attendees called the Design Works Studio.  Navitor then created this infographic based upon the survey they conducted at HOW Design Live.


 At the Design Works Studio, Navitor staff answered questions and surveyed as many conference goers as they could to learn more about your needs as a designer. Navitor is a wholesale commercial printing company that works with print resellers who buy print on behalf of their clients. They explained why they conducted the survey and infographic:

 We don’t think independent designers need another print vendor to choose from.  We believe we add more value by being a strategic partner to our community of independent designers-and sharing the results of our survey so they have a sense of what their peers are thinking and doing is simply the way we do things at Navitor.  And really, if we’re going to share survey results with a group of visual thinkers, creating a visual representation of the data only makes sense; it’s all about understanding our customers.


Creating Great InfographicsLearn how to create your own infographics with the OnDemand Design Tutorial, “Creating Great Infographics.” Maybe you can even create your own after attending HOW Design Live 2014?