Howkapow’s New Tea Towels with Food Infographics

Howkapow’s designs and newest items always grab my attention, and some of their new summer products made me think about infographic design in a different way. Their new tea towels are covered with food-related facts and information you’d need to brew the perfect cup of tea or coffee. While these towels aren’t relaying percentages or other data like we often see in infographics, they take an interesting approach to relaying facts to the audience by putting the information on cloth.

infographics about coffee

“The Coffee Towel” by Stuart Gardiner

I’m intrigued by all things food-related, and these towels take it to the next level by graphically relaying the information the user would need on something they would use while preparing or consuming the food. It’s a way to literally put information into the person’s hands. For example, “The Coffee Towel” includes fun facts about coffee, such as bean varieties and how to make a better cup of caffeinated inspiration. And as you might have guessed it,  “The Tea Towel” tells you all about tea.

typography inspiration

And “The Food Guide Tea Towel” organizes food according to the vitamin or main nutrient it provides you. So, you can have a handy towel that lets you know how healthy your breakfast actually is or to wipe up the mess you’ve left behind. Again, it’s an interesting way to approach designing with the user’s experience in mind. I hope these items left you hungry to design!

More inspiration

“A Food Guide Tea Towel” by Lahla Smart



how_0713_1Want to read more about infographics? Then, pick up a copy of the July issue of HOW that not only covers typography and interactive design, but also includes an article “Type and the Infographic” that explains how to design these popular graphics.