Infographics: The Power And The Pitfalls

Designer and blogger Josh Smith interviews Deroy Peraza, one of principals of Hyperakt (a firm known for its infographics) about the pitfalls of this powerful communication tool.

JOSH SMITH: At Hyperakt you have a mission to ‘do good’ for the world, usually working for nonprofits or art institutions. How does this relates to infographics? Do you think data visualizations are always ‘doing good’?

DEROY PERAZA: I think infographics are incredible education tools. They make information (and the larger concepts that arise from that information) easier to digest-at least they should-if they are successful infographics. They are another avenue for learning, which I think is absolutely great for society.

It’s no doubt they inform.

The more a person knows, the more empowered they are in every way. But, like any medium, data visualization is a medium that can be perverted. The core traits of a great infographic are is honesty, logic, and beauty. when any of those are taken out of the equation, the result can do more harm than good.

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