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New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) recently unveiled newly designed and simplified parking signs created in partnership with Pentagram Design. There’s nothing more confusing than a totem-pole of signs with conflicting information when you’re just trying to find a darn place to park. This exercise in precise and simplified information design is a huge improvement!

The initial rollout replaces 6,300 parking regulation signs of varying colors, typefaces, font sizes and sometimes confusing phrasing with streamlined and standardized two-color signs that are phrased and formatted for easier readability. Council Member Garodnick first proposed simplifying the City’s parking regulation signs in 2011. Working collaboratively with the City Council, DOT developed the new, easy to read signs, which will be installed in Midtown’s paid commercial parking areas through the spring and installation will follow in other parts of the city.

The signs were designed working with Pentagram Design, which has also worked with DOT on its safety campaigns, including the LOOK! street and taxi decals and safety ad campaign.

information design/Pentagram

information design/Pentagram

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