Inspiration in a Bottle with “Climax Moonshine”

Moonshine has long been the illegal drink of choice for some folks. With recipes that are passed on in families or from moonshiner to moonshiner, it’s a craft that has been surrounded by mystery. Yet, you’ve probably noticed that (some) legal versions are becoming as prevalent as mason jars. And Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” has put this illicit act on many people’s radars.

Earlier this month, Tim Smith from “Moonshiners” launched his “Climax Moonshine” (named after the Virginia town he brews in) with Prost Beverage Co. Even if a 90 proof eye-opening drink isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy learning about the approach taken by the New York based firm Beardwood&Co. Not to mention that this design–and many of the others–are interesting examples of packaging design as they combine grit, grassroots and storytelling.

Climax Bottles and Shippers

The Climax Bottles and Shippers, which extend Tim Smith’s story

 Ryan Lynch, managing partner at Beardwood&Co. explains the elements they considered:

Authenticity was at the core of everything we did for the brand. We began by making Camo, Tim’s real-life dog, the brand’s mascot. A fixture at Tim’s still in the backwoods of Climax, Camo guards against intruders and lawmen and is the symbol of true loyalty.” Even though Tim’s moonshine is now legal, the recipe is the ‘real deal’ and faithful to the roots of his operation.

They set out to give “Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine” a handcrafted feel by creating the label out of kraft paper and applying it at an angle. The typography is a nod to “wanted” posters, and Beardwood&Co. created panoramic illustrations that are displayed inside each label to show scenes from Tim’s life and moonshining.

Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine is available in 3 flavors.

Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine is available in 3 flavors.

Tim Smith with a bottle of his Climax Moonshine, original recipe.

Tim Smith with a bottle of his Climax Moonshine, original recipe.

Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine is available in Original, Grape Lightning and Peach Lightning (375-ml). The moonshine was rolled out nationally earlier this month. And you can drink it without fearing that the law will come down on you.


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