Inspiration Vacation

Jolby is a collaborative design and illustration studio based in Portland, Oregon. Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols began their partnership in 2005 after meeting at the Art Institute in San Diego. All of their work has a warm, authentic feel that makes the duo seem as likable as they are talented. My favorite pieces are from a series called Balance: A Journey to Bali that Josh created after visiting Bali, Indonesia. You can find the series of prints in Jolby’s Etsy store.

You, Me & This Place” is very personal to me. The trip to Bali was a very emotional journey for my wife and I. This piece draws on the one of the biggest things we took from the island and it’s people. Love.

Traditions” was inspired by the culture of the island. the checker pattern is inspired by the traditional skirts the men wear for ceremonies.

The Reef” was inspired by the beach we stayed at which was covered in broken coral that washed ashore. The shapes and patterns within the coral pushed me to think very organically for this piece.

via Mint