Best of the Blog 2012: Inspired By HOW Design Live

I just got the most wonderful email from designer Lidia Varesco about a side project she’s been working on called Typography in the City. This typography blog is a collection of images of found type from all around her hometown of Chicago. The project itself is inspiring and cool, but the story behind it is even better:

The inspiration for this project came about in July 2011. I had recently attended the HOW Design Conference in Chicago and picked up a book called Photo Idea Index by Jim Krause. It gave me a new perspective on photography and most importantly, the encouragement to practice daily.

Typography has been one of my passions since art school. I started to notice typography around my Chicago neighborhood while taking long walks with the dog that summer (my only exercise in my last month of pregnancy).

A letterform on a sign. An address number. Words spray painted on the ground. From the obvious to the obscure, I was intrigued and delighted by the typography I stumbled upon. All I had on hand was my cell phone, so I started snapping photos and sharing them.

After my son was born in the late summer, I continued my typographic/photographic pursuits on our daily strolls.

Waiting for the dog to find the “perfect spot” now meant an opportunity to stumble upon the perfect photo. Walking outside of our usual route—hoping Little One would take a nap—led to the discovery of a new typographic detail.

I would love to here about all the ways the HOW Design Conference has inspired you (to find a better job, to develop a creative outlet, to take your work to the next level.) Please share your stories!


Typography in the City (typography blog)

Typography in the City (typography blog)

Typography in the City (typography blog)

Typography in the City (typography blog)

5 thoughts on “Best of the Blog 2012: Inspired By HOW Design Live

  1. diane gibbs

    This is a great project for creativity and also for stretching your photography skills.

    I also leave a HOW conference or really any conference energized and inspired. A project I am working on that launches next week June 13 at 2pm ET is called “Design Recharge”. I have created this Spreecast channel “Design Recharge” devoted to bringing the inspiration and the community aspect we receive at a conference into a weekly, interactive broadcast devoted to topics that are relevant to designers. Our first Spreecast is going to discuss “Design Methodologies”. Everyone is welcome and can participate in four ways: present on camera, or watch live and use the comment and question box, or simply attend the live Spreecast and write in the chat box below the Spreecast window, or someone can even watch the recorded episode.

    This is an incredible platform and it is my goal to utilize it to help motivate, inspire, and recharge our design batteries. If you are interested in presenting in one of the upcoming “Design Recharge” episodes just let me know. I am happy to take any suggestions on future episodes as well. Good luck with your project!
    diane gibbs
    Design Recharge at

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  3. athena

    I’ve been doing this collecting of fonts in cities for years. what makes this so special_? And how would I go about getting ‘my collections’ out there to be viewed by others. Always good inspiration

  4. lulu

    I really like these. The composition of the photographs capture the rustic elements found in the city and goes beyond typography. Ms. Lidia Varesco’s photos have an artistic quality. I bet here design work has a similar impact.