Interactive Education

15 letters, a Chicago-based interactive design company developed eight
interactive, educational touch-screen kiosks that will enable Chicago Botanic Garden
visitors to get a hands-on experience in understanding the essential
role plants play in every day life and the critical role garden
scientists are playing to preserve and better manage natural plant

Each kiosk is designed within a workbench and includes a
touch-screen, speakers and other interactive elements that support
the scientific concepts covered within each bench. The kiosks eature unique, participatory games, videos and simulations for users
to play with and learn from. Each is physically located in front
of a glass wall that separates the laboratory from a visitors’ gallery
and each kiosk focuses on teaching a specific educational concept
through the use of a participatory simulation.

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  1. Joseph Kuda

    This looks really cool. Love to see more photos and HOW the did this…get it HOW they did this! Any chance of How making this adeeper featurer in their magazine? HOW’d they doo all this stuff HOW?