Introducing Imprint

Our ever-so-talented colleagues from Print (with whom we had a blast … and many cocktails … at the HOW Conference in Denver) have busted their collective asses to launch a massive new blog project, Imprint. Seriously, check it out, and bookmark it. (We certainly have.)

Imprint gathers a bunch of inspiring, insightful people from all corners of the design field into one place. Think of it as a salon, with the best and brightest minds all in one room, all talking with you about design. Contributors include industry influencers like Steven Heller (Imprint is the new online home of The Daily Heller), Ellen Lupton, Nicholas Felton and John Canemaker—and also creative people you may not have heard from before, all writing on a wide range of design-related (and not) topics. Print editor Aaron Kenedi shares the idea behind Imprint:

From illustration to photography, branding to film, styling to web design, Imprint offers fresh daily content that sparks conversation, competition, criticism, passion, and hopefully reaction among all members of the design community.

Imprint also features interesting and influential voices you might not know from the worlds of international design, animation, education, design thinking, and many other disciplines. Known, or unknown, each contributor brings insights, inspirations, successes, and even failures to the discussion, offering honest and personal accounts of what they think and how they work.