James Victore Says

Part of the problem these days is there’s so much choice. At some point, someone just has to say: We’re going to do it like this because I want to do it this way. Because, if you don’t, you’re going to be churning out oatmeal. You look at some graphic design today, and you can tell that nobody is in charge.

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  1. Jesssica

    This is such a true statement! As a designer for many different companies, I get pulled in all directions. I find myself having to put my foot down and hold their hand so that there is some guidance in where the projects go and what their going to look like. When I do give them my opinions and guidance they admire that and really take what I have to say to heart, we don’t always agree but with the discussions open the projects end up with direction and like you said not a bunch of mushy oatmeal….