James Victore’s Dinner Series

Here’s an amazing chance to work with design provacateur James Victore:

It’s no surprise that many of us are on a search for meaning in our lives and works. It is in this spirit that I’ve created The Dinner Series, a workshop/salon limited to only seven guests. Its an intense and intimate week spent with me in my studio working on projects designed to “illuminate the individual.” And each night we have a private dinner with a celebrity designer, author or film maker where you can ask the hard questions.

I’m looking for a few eager, energized participants willing to share and willing to be open and curious about their work and about themselves. In a large way I’d like to be a change agent for individuals in the design business. In a larger way I’d like to effect positive change in the biz. The public wants to be amazed, awe’d and uplifted by our work. Excitement breeds excitement.

October 10-14, 2011

Can’t make it to the Dinner Series? Check out 2 of Victore’s books:
Lust: A Traveling Art Journal of Graphic Designers and Victore, Or, Who Died and Made You Boss?